M.Tech Program

M.Tech (Aerospace Engineering)

A Master of Technology in Aerospace Engineering is a two-year post-graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering. 
The main branch of engineering engaged with the Design, Construction, and Science of Aircraft and Spacecraft is Aerospace Engineering. Engineering Analysis of Flight Vehicles, Mathematical Modelling, Flight Vehicle Structures, Air Transportation & Space Transportation Systems, and Computational Approaches for Structures & amp; Aerodynamics are among the main topics
covered in the course. 
During the second year, every student works on a focused task for two
semesters. The project work is targeted at meeting the high-quality standards that are used in modern company practices. 
Some project works are also sponsored by major multinational corporations and Defence laboratories engaged in cutting-edge Research and development. Aerospace Engineering.
The Masters programme prepares skilled engineers for careers in the aerospace sector and associated areas.
Students are going to graduate with a strong theoretical basis in aerospace revenue Simulation,Evaluation, and design, as well as the ability to approach and handle difficult engineering issues.
Program Highlights
  1. State-of-the-art class rooms and laboratory
  2. Research facilities in all areas of the Aerospace Engineering
  3. Value-Added Certification Programmes
  4. Minor Projects in every semester
  5. Internship/Training Every Year
  6. Industrial Visits for every semester
  7. Foreign Languages
  8. More hands-on experience/practical experiences