BBA Program

BBA in Aviation, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Enrolling in the BBA program in Aviation, Hospitality & Tourism Management at Wingsss Aviation & Hospitality presents an excellent opportunity to kick-start an exciting career in the aviation, hospitality, and tourism sector. This program equips you with essential business knowledge that can pave the way for success in various industries, alongside specialized expertise in aviation, hospitality, and tourism management.   

The course focuses on aviation management, hospitality management, travel and tourism management, covering topics such as airport operations, cabin crew management, customer service, tourism marketing, and hotel management.

Furthermore, the program incorporates a practical approach to learning by offering internships, industrial visits, and live projects. These hands-on experiences provide invaluable insights into the real-world workings of the industry. Through this immersive training, you will develop highly sought-after skills that will make you a valuable asset to any aviation, hospitality, or tourism company.