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aeronautical engineering institute

B.Tech Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is one of the most preferred engineering specializations in the present era for the students who wish to make their career in Spacecraft, Space Shuttles, Missiles Development, Aircraft designing, and Space Research & Development. An Aerospace engineering is a combination of aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. It is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of Aircraft and Spacecraft. The two main branches of aerospace engineering are aeronautical and astronautically engineering. The former deals with any aircraft that flies within the earth’s atmosphere and the latter deals with anything that flies outside of the earth atmosphere. Aerospace engineering is the process of designing, creating, building, and manufacturing anything man-made that can flies. Jets, helicopters, and even spaceships are all part of this field. In Indian Context previously only Aeronautical Engineering discipline was available however with increased demand in the aviation sector and growing research and development the demand for Aerospace Engineers has increased across the globe.

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is a subject that includes the study of huge Air Carriers, Lightweight Helicopters, Vehicles such as Drones, Missiles & Airplanes (Commercial and Non – Commercial), Weapon Systems and several other flying vehicles.
The curriculum of B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering covers various fields such as planning, designing, structures, aerodynamics, impetus, streamlined features and frameworks of aircrafts. Our curriculum focuses us on the best and competitive learning process for all round development of the students. Each and every student is exposed to case studies and problem-based learning, brainstorming, written tests, computer simulation, group discussions, industrial training seminars, technical seminars and projects

aeronautical engineering institute
aeronautical engineering institute

B.Tech Avionics Engineering

B.Tech Avionics engineering is a specialization that comprises of Electronics and Computer systems along with the aviation sector. The word avionics is derived from the word aviation and electronics and it includes the number of core electronic and electrical subjects, for example, Digital electronics, communication, computer systems, control systems, which helps to understand deeply about electronics use in the aviation industry. After successful completion of this course, candidates can secure jobs and vacancies in various government and private aviation industries, Airlines, Air Force, Corporate Research Companies, Defence Ministry, Helicopter Companies, Aviation Companies, NASA and many others. There are numerous options after B.Tech Avionics like M.Tech or MBA Course. Students who prefer to further their studies related to engineering may continue with M.Tech.

B.tech + M.Tech Defence Technology

Defence technology is a dynamic and crucial sector that encompasses a wide range of disciplines such as engineering, computer science, materials science, and more. Students pursuing a B.Tech + M.Tech in Defence Technology are equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies that safeguard nations and promote global security.
By pursuing a B.Tech + M.Tech in Defence Technology, students are primed for a rewarding career path with opportunities in government agencies, defense contractors, research institutions, and multinational corporations. Graduates play a crucial role in enhancing national security, driving technological innovation, and shaping the future of defence capabilities.